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SABER SHOGUN Brand is registered trademark of Top Quest Inc. Top Quest Inc. was founded by Mr. Sam Sung in June 2013 to continue pursuing his belief that products should always improve and get better with modern production method and development.

As the founder of Pacific solutions Marketing Inc. established in April 2000. Sam has created numerous trademarks and patents including Musashi Sword, Falcon, Zanwu, etc. However, difference in ideology between Sam and PSMI shareholders created a rift and Sam decided it was time to go their separate ways.

Through Top Quest Inc. Sam is able to continue his passion to create new products through research and development. This included the creation of a new line of samurai swords, RYUJIN as well as a new line of D2 tool steel ball-bearing knives, the Proelia. 

SABER SHOGUN is the one of the latest in the works from Top Quest Inc. as a high quality light saber for full contact dueling.

                                                    Top Quest Inc. 2019

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